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Top 3 Most Romantic Attractions in Jamaica for Couples

A Couple Sharing a Kiss While Standing on a Rocky Surface by the Sea

When the marriage blues set in, nothing rekindles the romance better than a trip to Jamaica, the land with the best sandy beaches, waterfalls, and mountains in the Caribbean. With adventure and history lurking at every corner, it’s the place to get your groove—and tan—on!

Feast your eyes on the best Jamaica attractions to impress the missus.

1. Spend a Quiet Evening at Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is all sandy beach and deep blue for an uninterrupted—you guessed it—seven miles! It’s vast and popular and welcomes hundreds of visitors every day, but because it’s so long, you can have a little patch of the beach all to yourself.

Get there during the day for a serene sightseeing experience. Watch the changing colors of the sea as the sky gets darker with each passing hour. Once mother nature turns the lights off, the nightlife really gets going. Join one of the parties or head into one of the beach shacks for the local music, food, and alcohol.

2. Swim Among the Sea Life in Montego Bay

Swimming with the animals down under can be a surreal experience. You get to see them up close and personal and regard the world from their perspective. There’s no shortage of scuba and snorkeling tours in Montego Bay, not least for honeymooning couples.

There is no need to buy snorkeling gear because you can arrange some rentals with your tour company or hire some from the multiple vendors dotting the bay. However, you can also bring your own to save quite a bit of time, if not money, on queuing up.

A Woman in a White Bathing Suit Walking Up to a Man Sitting on the Beach in Blue Board Shorts and Snorkeling Gear

3. A Penny for Your Thoughts at Lovers’ Leap

The most romantic location in all of Jamaica has a tragic past. Rumor has it that Lover’s Leap, a 1700-foot cliff in St. Elizabeth, earns its name from the enslaved couple who jumped off it while being chased by a jealous plantation owner and his search party. When faced with a life apart, the lovers chose to die together, and this here is where the true story ends, and the lore begins.

According to folklore, the moon caught the couple in a golden net, saving them from their inevitable demise. They were never seen or heard from again. Today, this landmark houses a lighthouse, eateries, and plenty of music for revelers to enjoy while taking in the breathtaking view of the water down below.

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