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Things to Do in Jamaica in Spring

Beach in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island on the Caribbean Sea, and it’s a popular tourist destination. Nearly 2.7 million people reside there, and it’s a place where people don’t just stay overnight but have proper vacations there.

You can find people on the beach or on mountains, playing golf, or actively traveling the island and exploring everything during springtime. Here are some fun things you can do during Spring in Jamaica.

Enjoying the Nightlife

During springtime, it is a thrilling experience in Negril. Not just the tourists but locals also agree that the nightlife you find in Negril in Jamaica is unmatched. The bars and nightclubs are essentials for a good party experience.

Along with that, there is the Boardwalk Village which overlooks white sand beaches and you can walk along with the open decks with a drink in your hand and enjoy the perfect beach experience.

There are places like Margaritaville, Tiki Beach Bar, The Jungle, and many other unique clubs which are very close to the vacation rentals in Negril. DJs, adult drunks, unique themes, and dance halls make these clubs and the nightlife in Negril extremely energetic.

Trying The Amazing Restaurants

What’s a spring break without food? There are many restaurants that can be found in Jamaica that serve exquisite and delicious food all day long. There are American restaurants along with other local restaurants that can serve you food at affordable prices. Many tourists have claimed that these restaurants serve things that can easily become one’s comfort food because of the amazing prices.

Kingston City Run

There is a race or marathon known as Kingston City run, which helps out one of the local charities in Jamaica. You can sign up for this marathon and also burn the calories too while you’re at it. It can be a great fun activity and exercise!

A road in Jamaica surrounded by coconut trees

Relaxing on the Beaches

There are gorgeous beaches all around Jamaica where people love to spend time and relax. These are public beaches around Negril, Kingston, Montego Bay, and other areas. The more you look around, the more you will love these beaches as, during springtime, you will have the beaches to yourself as it isn’t as busy during spring.

Swim with the Dolphins

Regardless of your age, if you want to have a proper spring experience in Jamaica, you have to swim with the dolphins. In Negril, you can find Dolphin Cove Opens, a place where tourists and visitors interact and swim with dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is a unique and thrilling experience as these animals are so loving and unique.

The dolphins are in the open sea and not in small tanks. There are a lot of fun activities as well, like snorkeling, petting the camels, and a fantastic Shark show.

A Jamaican Spring Adventure

Plan your spring vacation to Jamaica today. At Balley Tours Jamaica, we offer airport taxi and transportation, ground transportation from Montego to Negril bay, Jamaica attractions tours, and much more. If you’re looking for a reliable tour bus company in Montego Bay, Jamaica, book us today.

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