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Staying Safe in Jamaica – How Balley Tours Can Help

Jamaican tours have been known to be serene, peaceful, and one of the best experiences one can have in their life. But the country has recently received a lot of bad press, which tourists are often concerned about. The hurricanes in the Caribbean are also a cause for concern for tourists and citizens alike.

However, with the right people accompanying you, the beautiful beaches, swamps, waterfalls, mountains, and more can be a very safe destination. With a little bit of situational awareness and choosing the right time to visit, you won’t have to worry about being caught up in any of the issues plaguing the country.

Balley Tours can be your guide, keeping you safe and acting not just as your Montego Bay airport taxi but also as your tour guide as you drive to your resort or famous locations. Jamaica is a safe place to travel with Jamaican-native and situationally smart drivers at your beck and call.

How Safe Is Jamaica?

Like any other country, Jamaica has areas you should and shouldn’t go to. Because of the increased presence of private and government-based security, the country is undoubtedly a very safe and beautiful place to visit. Recently, the crime rates in the country have been decreasing, including homicides, burglaries, identity theft, and more

Not even Jamaican eco-tours take you to such places, though, so unless you decide to get extra bold and careless, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Balley Tours, Jamaica, gives you native drivers who have been trained to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble and only to take routes that are safe for occupants. Furthermore, we also liaison with several other companies in the same industry and regularly check every location’s prevalence of security risk. This helps us avoid dangerous routes and keep you safe throughout the tour.

The decreasing prevalence of crimes, the improving reputation of the government, and the overall increase in tourism in the country are all incentives for the locals to create more tourist spots, hence giving visitors a great time.

One of the biggest issues in Jamaica is gang-related crimes, but they actively avoid targeting tourists. Not only does it attract too much attention from local governments, but international pressures have also been a red flag for gangs inside the country. Many have been apprehended, and those that remain avoid tourist spots and routes.

This means that when you go for a vacation to the country, you won’t have to see the bad side of the country.

There are many areas suitable for tourists – day and night, such as Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Negril, and more. However, if you are careful enough and stay in high-profile or public areas, you can safely visit the more ‘native’ parts of Jamaica as well.

We recommend you give your Balley Tours Montego Bay airport pickup driver a nudge that you are willing to look at the true essence of Jamaica. They will help you safely navigate the country and stick with you for as long as you’d like! Book our services today, or get in touch to discuss your plan!

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