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Don’t Forget Ground Transportation when Preparing for Your Visit to Jamaica! 6 Island Essentials

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Planning on visiting Jamaica and soaking up the sun on the white sand beaches or near stunning waterfalls? Want to enjoy the lush green valleys and scenic landscape of Jamaican rainforests? You’re on the right track. But have you prepared for your visit? Let’s go through the island essentials and how you can properly prepare for a vacation in Jamaica.

The Town You Want to Stay In

Jamaica has various places you can visit and find the best activities and tourist attractions. However, pick the activities and places that appeal the most to you. You want to stay somewhere where you can easily find your way around the things you want to do and places you want to visit.


Many people who visit Jamaica usually want to find a place to stay that is closer to the coastline so they can easily access the beaches. There are many resorts as they’re the popular choice for tourists and travelers but make sure you find accommodation that is in line with your budget limitations.

You can also find Airbnb accommodations or villas that you can rent. They may not offer the same luxuries as a resort but are a good option if you want privacy and fewer people around. Resorts are filled with tourists.


If there are certain places you’d like to visit or activities you’d like to engage in, make sure you’re properly researched their costs. Plan your budget accordingly. Make sure you carry some extra cash as a safety net, in case you overspend.


Clothing is the most important part of visiting an island. You’re traveling to a place where you’re constantly surrounded by beaches, waterfalls, and rivers. You should always carry a change of clothes, in case you decide to soak yourself in the turquoise waters.

Wear airy and breezy clothes, so you don’t feel hot, especially if you want to go hiking. If you’re going to be traveling a lot on foot, wear comfortable footwear that will protect your heels. Pack some fancy clothes too if you’re going to be visiting fancy restaurants or partying in the clubs.

Safety First

Keep your belongings and valuables safe and with you at all times. Give everyone your contact number and your itinerary so when an emergency arises, people can contact you. Wear backpacks or fanny packs that you can keep close to you, and make sure you only carry the essentials.

vans for ground transportation from Montego to Negril bay
two vans

Ground Transportation

It’s a little challenging to find ways to get around in Jamaica. If you’re going with your family, you can hire ground transportation services or rent a car so you can easily go everywhere. Some resorts offer bus tours and shuttle services. But for easy moving around without any hassle, you can book a professional ground transportation service.

At Balley Tours Jamaica, we offer airport taxi and transportation, ground transportation from Montego to Negril bay, Jamaica attractions tours, and much more. If you’re looking for a reliable tour bus company in Montego Bay, Jamaica, book us today

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