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Beyond the Beaches: Exploring Jamaica

A beach in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular places in the Caribbean. It’s a place known for its beaches, the people, the food, and the hospitality. The sunsets, trees, and beaches are exceptional, but there’s so much more to Jamaica than the beaches.

If you’re looking to explore everything the country has to offer, you have to go beyond these beaches, and you’ll surely find that Jamaica is filled with amazing things that don’t always revolve around the beaches.

Various Water Bodies

There are many other water bodies in Jamaica that people can explore once they’re done with the beaches.

Firewater Pond

This is the Windsor Mineral Spring, and you can find it at St. Ann’s Bay. This pond is called Firewater because the water in this pond has high levels of sulfur that can easily cause the water to catch fire. For years and years, the small body of water has been a hotspot for locals who believe it has healing potential. Flaming water allows people to get fire massages in this area.

Blue Hole (Island Gully Falls)

This is another body of water located near Ocho Rios. This is a bottomless water body filled with turquoise blue water. People enjoy snorkeling and swimming in this “blue hole,” and many also jump into this water body from vines across the trees.

Black River

Black River is the place in Jamaica where you can find crocodiles. These animals are rare in Jamaica, but you can find them on the southern coast of the Black River. This river is 33 miles long, and it has wildlife that includes many rare species.

Black River safari boats

Mystic Mountain Nature Park

Jamaica has mountains stretching across a vast land area and the mountains of Ocho Rios include a park on the peak of Mystic Mountain. This is a 700-foot high mountain where visitors can explore the landscape or ride the zip lines and roller coasters.

The Blue Mountains

This is the longest mountain in Jamaica, and the Blue Mountains range has mountains that are filled with trees. These forests make for the perfect place where tourists and locals can camp, hike, and ride their mountain bikes. Not just this, but these mountains are responsible for the Blue Mountain coffee. The Blue Mountain Coffee factory is in these mountains, and there are heritage sites and villages here well.

Great Food Places

You can find amazing places to devour yourself into amazing cuisines. Floyd’s Pelican Bar near Negril is a restaurant where you can sit near the sea and spend an evening with great food after swimming and sunbathing. Another restaurant in Negril is Rick’s Café which is located on a cliff that overlooks the ocean, and visitors can jump from this cliff if they’re feeling a little bold and adventurous. You can enjoy amazing sunsets here with some food and drinks.

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