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8 Important Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Visiting Jamaica

A woman on a boat in Jamaica

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it also affected the tourism industry. Jamaica’s tourism and visitor industry also took a blow; however, it’s now slowly but surely recovering. The tourism revenue was more than USD 1.7 billion in 2021.

Now that everyone has been wanting to explore the island in the center of the Caribbean sea, here’s a guide for every traveler before they visit Jamaica.

Opt for Local Inland Inns

Instead of spending your limited budget on world-class luxury resorts (we know it sounds tempting!), you can explore and research a little to find locally owned inns and guest houses. Not only will this help the local businesses in Jamaica but also save you some bucks.

You can spend the money you save on partying, various attractions, nightclubs, food, and transportation.

Short Stay in Negril

Negril is a crowded, tourist-filled place. Yes, it’s a must-see place and has seven miles of the beach but when you can find equally beautiful beaches in other parts of the country, you must visit them. Those beaches are much less crowded, so much more peaceful and relaxing, and have amazing sunsets. So either visit Negril for one or two days or skip it altogether.

Travel During the Off-Season

It’s always wise to travel to any busy tourist-filled place during the off-seasons. This can be from may till mid-December, and there will be way fewer crowds, cheaper transportation and accommodations, and plenty more opportunities to buy cheap things through bargaining.

A woman in a dress on a beach in Jamaica

Watch Out for Cars

Jamaica is not a place known for its sidewalks, so you will be walking on the roads filled with cars all the time. Always be on the lookout for cars and walk opposite the traffic, so you’re aware of the oncoming cars.

Explore Beyond the Beaches

Even though Jamaica has some of the best beaches ever, you have to explore the island and enjoy the lush mountains, beautiful caves, remote heritage sites and villages, blue waterfalls, and delicious food.

Eat at Local Restaurants

Similar to avoiding the resort, avoid the big restaurants and support the locals by opting for the local restaurants. The food is way more authentic, cheaper, and there are some much-eat dishes like Jerk Chicken that will have you coming back for more.

Relax and Enjoy

The most important thing to remember when traveling to another country is to remember to sit back and enjoy. You’re not going to visit again and again, so why waste time worrying? Relax on the beaches, have a few drinks, and don’t forget to enjoy the music at the clubs.

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