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Technology That Speaks For Itself

From road safety to personal security, rest assured that our vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies necessary to create a unique experience from start to finish. Whether you are alone or on a couples’ tour and need a premium ride or a group tour, we’ve got you covered!

Your Vacation; Our Fleet; Our Promise of Comfort & Style

From luxury sedans for individuals to minivans for small groups, or even coasters and buses for larger groups or shared vacations, regardless of what you choose, Balley Tours Jamaica is dedicated to giving you the experience you want and deserve. Each vehicle is retrofitted specifically for comfort and style from the inside and out.


Our dynamic fleet is rigorously cleaned and sanitized after every trip, not only for COVID 19 but also to ensure hygiene and impeccable cleanliness. Balley Tours Jamaica is proud to be a leading tourism facilitator in the country thanks to our fleet offering verified Montego Bay Airport pick up, transportation to Negril, Ocho Rios, Treasure Beach, South Coast, and more, cost-effectively!


Held to the maximum level of safety, maintenance, and presentation, our extensive fleet features only the market’s latest models of Luxury Sedan Cars, Mini-Buses, Coaster Buses and Luxury Coaches. We offer the perfect selection to suit your needs.


Luxury Sedans

Up to 3 Passengers

Our fleet of Sedans is geared towards business and executive transportation needs. Here, luxury, comfort, class, and premium service come into play. Suitable for conducting business transactions or for personal style, you can roam around the country, celebrate anniversaries, do business, or simply enjoy the nightlife of Jamaica while sending a powerful message.

You also have the option of hiring more than one sedan if you want to accommodate a larger group. However, our Mini-Van and Coasters may be more cost-effective for larger groups.



Up to 6 Passengers

Our fleet of minivans is the perfect combination of comfort, spaciousness, and cost-effectiveness. Suitable for small groups of 7 to 14 passengers, Balley Tours Jamaica offers a list of minivans that you can hire. These vans also have plenty of luggage storage and a driver that accommodates you to the best of his ability. The vans are private, safe, and operated by chauffeurs trained for ideal service.


Our vans are retrofitted for tourism, and our secret to creating an invaluable travel experience includes a suspension that gives you a smooth ride to your destination. With an improved suspension, you will experience fewer vibrations in the vehicle and won’t get tired as easily.


Coasters Buses

Up to 20 Passengers

Our luxury coasters combine comfort, space, luxury, and premium service for larger groups, business trips, and congregations. This combination provided to such a large number of tourists and an equally extensive baggage capacity means that our luxury coasters are the epitome of luxury and class for Jamaican tours. Balley Tours Jamaica is proud to offer elegance with its fleet of luxury coasters.


Despite being able to seat 27-55 passengers, our luxury coasters remain elegant, giving you the option of chartering the entire bus or booking a single seat, as per need. Our luxury coasters are among the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to per-passenger cost. The technology and comfort here are suitable for business trips or leisure activities.

Balley Tours Jamaica can offer ground transportation as a Montego Bay Airport taxi service, either to simply drop you off at your hotel or resort, to stick with you throughout your vacation, or offer a reliable and efficient transportation solution for your special events. Whether you are hosting a meeting, party, or any other moment, give your guests the premium feel you want and make your party a memorable one!

Ready to Experience The Best of Jamaica?

Vehicles Dedicated To Improving Experiences Facilitating You Every Way Possible

From bottled water to mints, tissues, chargers, Wi-Fi, and even cigarette lighters, you’ll find it all in our vehicles. If you have a specific requirement that would enhance your trip further, let us know, and we’ll get it done! Balley Tours Jamaica offers a unique Montego Bay Transfer and tourism service where you are in control, from the car type to the color, driver, any extra amenities needed, and more.


Our chauffeurs provide a safer ride by using vehicles that use the most advanced automotive safety and security technology. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty that Jamaica offers. Each vehicle is well-maintained and well-equipped – something that you are more than welcome to inspect. If you need a replacement at any time, Balley Tours Jamaica is ready to facilitate.


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